Please read the Terms and Conditions listed below:

FESTIVAL DATES The date of the Greenport Skate Park Festival is August 6, 2022 Hours are: 10:00am –8:00pm Set up time for vendors is from 7:00am – 9:00am.


GREENPORT SKATE PARK FESTIVAL INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY This festival is generally a rain or shine event. Every reasonable effort will be made to conduct the Greenport Skate Park Festival as scheduled. Festival management, in coordination with municipal and weather officials and resources will closely monitor weather conditions before and during events. If circumstances exist or develop that in the opinion of Festival management would present serious hazards to life or property, Festival events (in whole or in part) may be adjusted or cancelled at the sole discretion of Festival management. If the Greenport Skate Park Festival, in its entirety, is cancelled prior to Thursday, August 4th, site fees will be fully refunded.



1. All concessions will be located at the discretion of the Vendor Committee.

2. Concessions will be placed according to product and return date of all completed application forms to the festival manager, Rena Wilhelm.



Please make sure all displays are professional; including tablecloths.



1. Electrical and water hookup may not be available at your assigned location. If you MUST HAVE power, you must specify those needs in writing to Please review all your equipment and completely identify the electrical requirements.

2. All equipment, electrical or otherwise, must meet or exceed all Health and Safety standards.



1. Health Permit: All food vendors are REQUIRED to file a temporary permit request with the state of NY PRIOR to the Festival. No vendor will be allowed to begin operations without a permit and without on-site clearance by our staff. Any vendor not in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Health Department at any time prior to or during the festival will be subject to removal from the festival.

2. Compliance with Health Department regulations: Operations that are listed by the NY State Health District as having a critical violation during any inspection of their operation will not be invited to return to the Greenport Skate Park Festival.


FIRE REGULATIONS (IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CALL: FIRE CHIEF’S OFFICE @ 631.477.1943 All vendors are required to comply with the fire safety regulations set forth by the Greenport Fire Department. Questions should be addressed to the Fire Chief's office.



The vendor is required to submit a complete list of the products and/or services at the festival with their application. Should the festival committee deem any product or service grossly inappropriate, offensive, or illegal, the vendor will be required to remove such items. Non-compliance could result in the removal of the entire vendor operation.


1. Vendors must construct a well-decorated booth or erect a personally owned or rented tent.  2. Placement of all structures is totally at the discretion of the Vendor Committee.



1. Certificate of Insurance must include the following limits: Combined Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability limit, including Product Liability of $1,000,000.

2. The Certificate Holder (as additional insured) should be designated as: VILLAGE OF GREENPORT / GREENPORT SKATE PARK ORG.

3. The Certificate must be issued in the same company name as the applicant, as it appears on all applications and forms 4. Certificate must read “in effect from 8/06/2022 through 8/7/2022 (rain date)”.



Your application is for the concessionaire identified, and may only be operated by that business, by name. No site subcontracting is authorized for any reason, and evidence that a site has been subcontracted is grounds for immediate removal from the Greenport Skate Park Festival and forfeiture of all fees.