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Village of Greenport

For allowing us the chance to prove to you how important our skate park is to our community.


To my committee members:

Colette Galvez whose excitement for our mission is contagious!  A resourceful woman whose strength & stamina was beyond impressive not only physically but her organized experience in getting stuff done was of enormous help. 


Dan Galvez, who kept a calm & cool head during difficult times, helped me to center myself when I became overwhelmed and who worked tirelessly late into the night during our work sessions and still had an hour drive home.  I am never going to forget the forklift! 


Brooke Pollock who is the epitome of why the park is so important.  She grew up at this park, is raising her daughter at this park and has been a fierce advocate for its preservation and we love watching her skate! 


Philip Staples of East End Music Alliance who not only put together an exceptional line up of musical talent, but is one of the most professional people I have worked with in a long time.  Slated with a huge task and rocked it out..literally!


Nic Fioretti, an absolute champion during our work sessions with all the proper tools to help us meet our goals.  He tackled the hardest aspect of the festival which was the canvases during our work sessions and there is no way I could have accomplished that goal without him. 

Kyle Schwartz, whose passion for the park is admirable.  His ability to show up to help will never be forgotten and we are lucky to have him lend his photographic skills to our endeavors. 


And last but not least, Dale Norklun whose sheer brilliance on a skate board is proof enough why we need to fix this park.  Always on hand to lend his strength during our work sessions and entertain us with his skating skills.  We also can not thank him enough for the enormous amount of skate decks he gave us to raise money during our DECKED OUT Auction.


Mindy Ryan of George D. Costello Roller Skate Rink, an absolute gift of a woman that we are blessed to have in our community.  Another what I call, a "get it done" personality.  Her devotion to revitalizing our local Roller Skate Rink aligns perfectly with our goals to restore our park and she has allowed us the use of her venue to further our fundraising goals.  We thank her for all of the gifts she donated to our skate contest as they were pretty generous!


Steven Rempe, an unofficial generous committee member who just shows up when needed.  Not only was he present for our work sessions, he was exceptionally instrumental during our festival helping with everything from the arrival of vendors to the difficult task of removing the painted canvases from the graffiti-mural contest (IN THE DARK) to the final clean up.  A very generous man in more ways than one.

Deborah Pittorino, owner of The Greenporter Hotel, who is no stranger to community service.  A huge supporter of the arts, Deborah was the only business that offered a financial sponsorship for our Sound & Skate Festival that enabled us to reward one of the finalists in our graffiti-mural competition.

Mike Corso, a member of our community that has supported our mission from day 1.  Helping us to secure a large anonymous donation towards our rehabilitation project and just being present & a vocal advocate for our mission.

Riverhead Building Supply for donating a boat load of plywood and other sheeting material that allows us to create the canvses that gave of incredible artists a canvas from which to work.

The Linus Brand    Tahshodwair   Best Life Ever   RAD Board Sport Co   Project 589

for being amazingly supportive people whether it be for sponsorship, prizes, networking and/or growing the skateboard culture!

Main Street Screen Printing

For designing and executing amazing festival apparel for our event and for the generous proceeds!!

Our Art Judges

Nadira Vlaun   Jonathan Weiskopf   Rena Wilhelm   TK Mills

Our Press

Oliver Peterson of Dan's Papers   

Beth Young of East End Beacon   

Lisa Finn of Patch Long Island  

Tara Smith of The Northforker   


Every band member, vendor & artist who braved & survived the day despite the intensive heat, all while smiling & having an amazing time while also supporting each other.  We brought a beautiful group of people together and it showed.  We appreciate each of  you!  

Every child, parent & friend who came out in support of our first ever festival to celebrate the community, we cherish you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these amazing people!



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