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Graffiti art can be seen almost anywhere as an artistic form of public expression. However, it can also be considered vandalism and an eyesore in underused or abandoned areas. In order to celebrate the diverse techniques of such artists, we are providing an opportunity & audience for you to showcase your talents.  
The theme for the artwork is encouraged towards skateboarding & its subsequent culture of art, fashion, music & community. Of the qualifying entries, up to 25 finalists will be selected to compete. Three winners will be awarded cash prizes.

1. Artist must be at least 18 years old.

2. Artist must pre-qualify to compete by filling out submitting an online application

3. All entry forms must be submitted by July 15th. Finalists to compete in the contest will be notified by August 1st. 



1. The art must reflect a theme that is suitable for public display at the Greenport Skatepark site. The art must be suitable for park visitors of all ages. 

2. Use of profanity, nudity, drugs or alcohol, political statements or violence in your art is prohibited.

3. Competitors who are rude, abusive or deemed otherwise unsuitable by the organizers will be disqualified from the competition.

4. Art should be colorful.  No black or white. No photography.  Markers, crayons, colored pencils, stencils or other paint formats are acceptable.  The artwork must be original in concept and not violate U.S. copyright law. 

6. Waiver & Release of Liability: Each artist must sign a Release of Liability Form and Waiver the day of the competition from liability for any accident or injury occurring during the competition. 

9. Surface will be provided by the organizer, but artist must provide own art materials. 

10. All graffiti must be completed on the provided surface, which will be a 4 x 4' stretched canvas. 

11. All contestants must complete their mural within 6 hours, from 11:00am to 5:00pm. 

12.  If an artist pulls out or is a no show after 12:00pm the day of the festival (October 7th) they will be disqualified from the competition.

13.  All artists must be present to be eligible to be judged and present to win.

14. All contestants must allow their pieces to be photographed and available for use in all forms of media platforms.   


Judging will be the sole responsibility of the Festival organizers. 

1. Pieces will be judged by a panel selected by the skatepark committee. 

2. Artists will have the chance to explain their artwork to the panel. 

3. Judges score each criteria 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Scores are totaled for each painter, and then all the judges’ scores are added together. In case of a tie, judges must deliberate and pick a winner.

4. Judges can award a zero (0) if the artist broke a rule. 

5. Incomplete paintings and misspelled words are disqualified. 

6. Judges will have an opportunity to explain their decisions. 

7. Winners will be announced the day of the competition.

8. Decision by the judges is final. There is no appeal process. 

9. Pieces will be judged on 1) technique 2) color 3) originality 



Cash Prizes TBD
Media: The top three finalists will be included in social media posts and press releases regarding the contest.    
For more information, please contact the festival organizers at


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