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The Greenport Skate Park is a 20,000 sq. ft. outdoor facility located on Moore's Lane in Greenport, NY. whose official opening dates back to the late 1990's.  The park has continued to serve as a recreational outlet for our local community & surrounding townships. New generations of children, passionate parents & community members recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity of the park as it builds confidence, friendships and a sense of belonging for its users.

While the park itself is central to continuing the athleticism of skaters, it is the skating culture that we are most looking forward to developing.  We look forward to cultivating successful avenues for artists, musicians & entrepreneurial spirits.

We welcome you to use your boards, scooters, bikes & skates.

Get outside & get your wheels out!  We look forward to meeting all of our users young & old..near & far.  With your help, we can make Greenport the destination for an expanding skater lifestyle.



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