Alex Warner is a tattoo artist working out of Goldtooth Tattoo in Shirley. Aside from tattoos, Alex is also a primarily self taught painter most acquainted with acrylic and watercolor. As a nature enthusiast you will find plants, bugs and animals to be a reoccurring theme in her works which are often based around femininity in one form or another.


Alicia Ekeler-Valle left the art world in 2009 to pursue a career in hospitality but continues to do creative freelance work in her spare time. Her previous work was primarily in the many mediums of printmaking (and some painting when the mood struck). Her favorite subject matter includes busy urban scenery, cluttered still-life arrangements, and the lived-in interiors of older institutions around New York. Having removed the transactional nature of being a full-time artist, she has found joy in taking on small projects in the local community to keep her creative side busy.


Wahca Waste win McNeil

~Pretty flower lady McNeil~

My name is Wahca Waste win; the translation is Pretty flower lady, my nickname is Billy. I am a young Native American, mixed media artist. My passion is art although I am majoring in game design, but my dream is to pursue art full heartedly.


I am a painter, currently residing and working in Montauk, New York. Growing up on the Eastern End of Long Island, the ocean has played a major role in my personal and artistic development. The water is a place of rejuvenation and beauty, but at times a place of deep unknowns and rough surf. My work explores the dynamic between the beauty and defenseless-ness that the water can evoke.

I graduated from Adelphi University in 2012, with a Bachelors in Fine Art. My work has been exhibited in galleries on both the South and North Fork of Long Island, in Rochester and Brooklyn, New York as well as various cities across the United States, including Laguna Beach, California.


The images I create reflect my experiences as a child, daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, and breadwinner. They are the reflections and projections of being a woman. My works are haunted by ghosts, demons, or spirits that are fostered by outside pressures of social propriety, and familial and worldly relationships. They simultaneously distill the illusionary and the actual. The borders between fantasy and reality blur. The visuals confront the world with the wonder of everything seen and felt, along with a mysterious other.  The iconography of my work seems best-suited to multilayered visuals. I primarily work in the intaglio printmaking process, using etching, aquatint, chine-collé, blind embossing, and metallic mica mono-print techniques to achieve a visual as complex as an emotional response. I have studied printmaking (Seong Moy, Bob Blackburn) and painting (Morris Cantor) at The Cooper Union; SVA (Chaim Koppelman); and the Pratt Graphics Center. As a working artist, I have had a long association with the Manhattan Graphics Center, and previously served as a board member. Prior to my move to Greenport, on the North Fork of Long Island, I lived and had a studio in the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem, New York.


Catherine Brigham is an artist and art teacher living on Shelter Island, NY. Cat graduated from Pratt Institute with an undergraduate degree in Art and Design in Education, and a Masters in Teaching Students with Disabilities from Long Island University. She teaches art to 15 grade levels at Shelter Island UFSD. Catherine is a painter, graphic designer and problem solver. 


I am an abstract artist based on the North Fork of Long Island NY. I am a native New Yorker from Elmhurst, Queens. I enjoy working with acrylics, spray paint and markers. In addition to paint brushes, I love to play with a variety of tools, plastic and allowing paint to splash, drip and speak for itself. I am self taught and still learning through constant experimentation and following my intuition. I am inspired by Jackson Pollock, Banksy, and modern abstract artists Manax Raiszadeh, Tracey Verdugo, and many more. I love the freedom of expression abstract painting gives me and I am always surprised at the completed pieces, it’s as though they create themselves. Music, nature and sometimes current events drive me and put me in the zone.  I have lived a creative and colorful life as a professional dancer, circus showgirl/aerialist, puppeteer and choreographer. I believe that is where my influence and use of color, sparkle and large canvases originated. It wasn’t until our recent turn of events, being quarantined, allowed me to fully explore my true love for painting. My first solo show  “Lockdown” took place in November 2021 as ‘Artist of the Month’ at Eastern Front Brewery in Mattituck, where I sold 4 pieces! My new exhibition “UNihibited” presented at Peconic Cellar Door by Chronicle Wines, is a combination of past work and new ideas, the birth of a new season and the feeling of freedom. 


Dan Pheos, owner of PHEOS SKATE SHOP has been part of the skateboard scene on Long Island, New York for the past 25-plus years. He grew up skating with Frank Gerwer and has had a couple different local board companies (Bodega, Hazel) before starting his daily comic "COFFEE GUY" in 2015.   He is a self taught artist who has been drawing since the age of seven.  Learn the story of COFFEE GUY here!


Ian Cinco is a multimedia artist and filmmaker. He works with clients to develop unique visual styles and statements by combining film and video production with a passionate hands-on approach in the arts. His greatest ambition is to bring high quality, emotionally charged stories to life through live action, animation and graphic novels. His mural work can be seen in Bushwick Brooklyn and Astoria Queens. He is also the creator and host of EVERYTHING AND THE KITCHEN CINCO, an arts and entertainment podcast, self publisher of an art book series ERRATICA and a cyberpunk graphic novel NEON SPRING.

Contact and follow Cinco:

IG, twitter, tik tok: @ian_cinco


Jeff Potter is a Long Island based artist who grew up skateboarding and painting, two passions that defined his teenage years.  Still finding the time to skate, Jeff found himself painting less & less before ultimately taking a hiatus from both fine art and skateboarding altogether.  Switching to house painting, meeting his wife & starting a family, Jeff has only recently returned to skateboarding with his children.  Jeff found a new inspiration however after walking into a tattoo shop. Much of the art work that graced the walls of the shop were watercolors in both American traditional & Japanese styles and something just clicked for Jeff.  He began drawing again, taking inspiration from tattoo inspired art work that seemed to just resonate with him. Since his wife is also an artist, they have both been painting more and enjoying the inspiration they are giving to one another.


Jen Salta is a Huntington based artist and jeweler. Founder of the jewelry brand Unmarked Industries she spends her days working in metal and her nights unwinding with paint and ink. Her art across every medium is a window into her mind and the rich world of daydreams that lives there. She hopes her work can bring others the same sense of joy that she has when creating it.  You can find more of her work over @unmarkedindustries and @unmarkedartist or shop her line 


A local private chef on the North Fork: Rustic Roots & Recipes, a mama to an amazing micro preemie warrior, and artist.  I enjoy many different artistic outlets, one of my favorites is food & plating.  I enjoy creating a beautiful experience for the evening, even before you taste the food.  Painting this deck was very fun as I was able to merge the two.  Crudites are always a nice way to start an evening with friends and it turns out it looks beautiful on a skate deck!


BFA in Illustration, The School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, NY 2022

Juliet Schreckinger is a Long Island, NY based artist. Her work is typically created using a stippling technique in pen & ink and graphite, with occasional splashes of color. Juliet’s pieces are inspired by the ocean, nature, and all of the creatures within our world. Since the time she was a child, Juliet has been fascinated by black and white photography, colorless television shows, and film noir movies. Being exposed to the lighting effects and sharp contrasts shown in these photographs and films greatly inspired the type of work that she does today. Juliet’s work is centered around giving a voice to nature and animals, with the goal of showcasing their importance in this world. Through an illustrative take on fine art, she attempts to express a story in each drawing.


SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY — BFA 2011
Lorenzo De’ Medici Florence, Italy - 2010

Artist, Kara Hoblin works in various media, including chalk, drawing, painting, photography and collage. A sense of childlike wonder is apparent through the whimsical narratives of her work. Inspired and drawn to the natural environment she finds comfort in the feeling of the earth beneath her bare feet, icy saltwater on her skin, or crisp air brushing against her face. Working collectively to share, connect, and inspire others through creation and exploration of our natural light and darkness.  “Through the work I create, I am a vessel or conduit for helping to protect, heal, spread compassion and love in our society and environment. Continually being surprised and ignited by the human psyche, a river of emotions, and oceans of understanding fuel my creative process.”  The impermanence of chalk allows us to visualize how fleeting this life is.  I created the interactive chalk series, the Chalk Art of Letting Go to encourage people to move forward with positivity, embracing the idea that when one door closes, another opens, and we just have to be willing to walk through it. I invited everyone to erase my work alongside me to illustrate that if we let go of the past, accept it, learn from it, and even appreciate how it has helped shape us, then our possibilities are limitless. While we can’t predict the future, we can try our best to protect it.


Katrina is a 26 year old artist born and raised on Long Island.  Much of her artwork is inspired by the beauty found all around her home; including the fire island light house, and the island’s beautiful beaches.  Katrina usually works in oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, and ink.  Greenport holds a special place in her heart. Every summer her family stays there for a weekend to spend time together.  Some of her favorite memories are watching the sunset with her grandparents at the Cliffside Resort, and getting gelato in town with her cousins.  She is so happy to give back to a town that means so much to her.


BFA - Alfred University
MFA - Indiana University

Kelly Franké is a Long Island based fine artist and illustrator. She was raised in Babylon, and since school has lived in Astoria Queens, Greenport, and currently the South Shore. Kelly's work consists primarily of two different mediums; charcoal drawings on wood, and watercolor. Kelly's watercolors are mixed media, featuring colored pencil, pastel, and graphite. In her studio she balances creating large scale works for galleries, with free-lance commissions for clients.


Kenna Mackay is a Contemporary Glass Artist and Painter. A graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, with a degree in Architectural Glass, she specializes in warm glass imagery and sculpture using stained, painted and fused glass methods. Her paintings focus on the use of acrylics, colored inks, and watercolor.  “I was born and raised in the Northeast of Scotland, leaving a year after graduating college and working in a stained glass studio to America. And although my home now is in the United States, my soul very much resides in my country of birth and much of my work is a combination of the ethereal beauty of the Scottish landscape and studying nature in detail here on the East End of Long Island, also well known for its painterly light.  As predominantly a painter in mixed media, I came across the beauty of working in glass by chance. Working with a material that is both liquid and solid has opened a vast journey for myself as an artist. Light and contrast are important elements in my work, and I find glass gives me a huge spectrum of color and depth to explore in the execution of my ideas. My paintings help me explore, experiment, and compliment my glass work. My subject matter embodies the organic form often in abstract arrangement. Mainly trees, flowers, land and seascapes, seeds, creeping vegetation– the indication of birth, growth, death, and decay. With the use of fusing, painting, deconstructing, layering and the incorporation of metal into the piece, I can explore the chaotic patterns in nature.” Kenna has exhibited work in galleries in the United States and Great Britain. She also has her work displayed in various homes and businesses. And she also works to commission.


Kurt Paschke is a self taught artist and owner of his own design & printing company KAPEA.


I have been living and working in East Hampton for more than a decade and my favorite subject matter for art making comes from our beautiful coastal environment.  I draw from observation as well as from photographs and most of my artwork employs methods of printmaking.  I like the quality of line and the richness of the inks in printmaking.  In printmaking, edges become more sharply defined and images become more simplified and graphic.  Printmaking always involves an element of surprise and I love the unplanned results it brings.  I am originally from San Diego and spent some time in NYC before discovering the east end of Long Island.  I hold a BA in Visual Art from UC San Diego and an MFA from Long Island University.  I am a member of the North Fork Artist Collective which gives me opportunities to sell my work and to learn from other artists.  I also stay connected to the community through teaching art.  I am currently teaching at the Golden Eagle of East Hampton and at Project Most Community Program.  I have shown my work at the Greenport Brewery Tasting Room and I have some beautifully framed printwork for sale at Touch Goods in Southold.  I recently created the label for a delicious wine collaboration between Macari & the Halyard Restaurant.  My newest project is surface pattern design for a silk scarf company.  Watch for those scarf designs coming soon.  I have an eight year old son, Ian who is way into BMX, scooting & skating.  Visiting Greenport Skatepark is a special treat for him.  I have to drag him away when we go there.  Ian’s going to drop in on that half pipe before long.  I am honored to participate in this event in support of the Greenport Skatepark to help give the park the attention it deserves.


Laura Fortune is an artist focused in creating enamel jewelry, object design & illustration.  Using the ancient art of enamel, the fusion of glass to metal, Fortune creates original, playful & well crafted designs influenced by color, humor, and popular culture.  Laura Fortune is the current artist-in-residence at the William Steeple Davis Home & Studio located in Orient, NY, a year-long residency.  Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Fortune attended college in Western NY and the Hudson Valley.  After spending over a decade of working under notable jewelry designers in New York City, she set off to develop her own artwork and to experience life abroad.  Fortune arrived to the North Fork by way of Lisbon, Portugal where she spent 5 years living and working in a shared studio space with a group of Portuguese artists.


Lindsay Lange, the SAHM Artist, is a 32 year old native Long Islander, wife and mother of 2 toddler boys, who lives and works from her in-home studio in Shoreham, NY.  After 9 years in corporate accounting, she left the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom for her children.  She is primarily self-taught and enjoys switching up her mediums and techniques on a regular basis.  Working mainly in acrylic and watercolor, she loves to dabble back and forth, incorporating new mixed media materials and is often evolving her style.  She is most well known for her expressive portraiture of women and is often inspired by the raw beauty, strength, courage and passion that the female form entails.  "WHERE THERE IS A WOMAN, THERE IS ART".


Madison Fender is a California native but has been residing in Greenport for about 10 years. She is a local artist who specializes in photography, digital and mixed media collage. Her West coast vibe along with the influences of New York create an edgy, colorful and unique style.


Maria Schweitzer is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Long Island, New York. She is the owner and artist of Rubber Bones LLC, an independently owned female artist run company and brand, bringing a unique style of high quality Jiu Jitsu apparel to mats. Maria received her BFA in Drawing and Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in Visual Narrative through the School of Visual Arts. Maria uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to pencil, ink and color her illustrations and designs.


Megan Barron’s work has appeared in the New York Times, VIEW Magazine, New York Magazine, and other publications. She is passionate about the North Fork: the creative people and the natural beauty we are so lucky to have. A surfer and skater, this is the first time she has designed a deck.


Michael is an artist who works predominately in watercolor. His artwork focuses on birds, fantasy and mythology. Michael has had a passion for world mythology, mythical creatures and the occult from a young age. He is driven and inspired by his continued study of these topics, as well as their representation and influence on pop culture.  Michael is using his art and experience as a Tarot reader, in combination with his studies, to develop an Oracle deck. He studied fine art at Suffolk Community College and is a proud member of the Long Island artist community. His work is often represented at a variety of local events, as well having been featured at several shops
including Soul Brew in St. James, Great South Bar in Patchogue, and the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library. Michael has received honorable mention at Farmingdale Village’s Art in the Park and 2nd place in the watercolor category at Sayville’s Art Walk.


School of Visual Arts, BFA Illustration 2017

Normandie Syken is an illustrator and printmaker from Queens, NY. She studied art at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and the School of Visual Arts. In 2017 she earned her BFA in Illustration. Since graduation Normandie has self-published two picture books “Little Red Witch” and “Puss in Boots”. Her artist’s books, prints, and paintings are in collections such as the Beinecke Library at Yale University, the British Library, and the New York Historical Society. Normandie works as a freelance illustrator and has been published by The New York Times. She has exhibited her work in places such as The West Side Tennis Club and the Vannes Museum of Fine Arts in France. Normandie enjoys illustrating whimsical stories and drawing from life with pen and watercolor and traditional block printing techniques.


Rachel Cutler is a local Southampton artist and Creative Director/Coach at Boardingscool, a team of skate, surf and mountain lifestyle coaches. Rachel was inspired at a young age to have her own skate clothing line, which she is currently developing with her company. Her work features elements of nature, animals and mystical/mythical lore. She also is inspired by the clients that she and team Boardingscool coach! Rachel works with rich colors and bold outlines, using both traditional and digital mediums to create her art. She loves exploring the size and scale of her creations- working on tiny details one day and massive murals the next. There is a soft spot in her heart for painting on skateboards and surfboards. 


Renée Andolina is an artist and educator from Long Island, New York. Her artistry consists of an exploration of a variety of media, but she has recently been preoccupied with watercolor and acrylic. Most of Renée’s work centers on Femininity, with recurrent themes of Nature, Botany, Animalia, and Ornament. Working within the figurative realm, each piece embodies an organic motion that flows around the canvas.  Renée’s artwork has been shown in various galleries and establishments across Long Island and New York City. Her work has been featured in publications including the Long Island Press, the Smithtown Patch, the Times Beacon Record, and the Annals of Medicine.  She also exhibited her work in numerous group shows for over a decade as a member of the now defunct Long Island based FRESH Art Collective.  Renée received her BA in Graphic Design from Adelphi University. She then went on to serve as a designer for Betsey Johnson, Rand International, Movie Star, Inc., Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Topsville, Inc.  While serving as a full-time designer, Renée concurrently taught art in cultural institutions across Long Island.  She developed a passion for teaching art and pursued and obtained an MA in Art Education from the School of Visual Arts. Renée currently teaches in a public school on Long Island, while running her side hustle as a designer. 


BFA Hartford Art School 2017

Renee Brown, a New York Based emerging artist delved into photorealism while earning her BFA at the Hartford Art School. Following her degree, she attended the Summer Undergraduate Residency at the New York Academy of Art and has since exhibited her work across the east coast. Her inspiration often comes from nature and a love for wildlife, specifically birds. Growing up in a rural area, she became emotionally connected to her surrounding. This connection also allows her to reflect on her mental health.


"I am a 22 year old self taught artist from Sound Beach, NY. I'm definitely most inspired by dark art and horror. I think what's most beautiful and what's most brutal are just two halves of the same whole, and I love bringing that out in my work. In the last year I've started aggressive quad skating, and Greenport is my absolute favorite park on the island. I'm so happy to see such a great community support the project and am so happy I get to be a part of it!"


BFA School of Visual Arts, NYC 2009

Artist, illustrator and designer Scott Bluedorn works in various media, including painting, drawing, print process, collage and found object assemblage. Drawing inspiration from cultural anthropology, primitivism, and nautical tradition, Bluedorn distills imagery that speaks to the collective unconscious, especially through myth and visual story-telling - a world he conjures as “maritime cosmology”.


Tom is the owner of Long Island Garage Art, a studio workshop that specializes in carved & painted wood signs and upcycled furniture.  Each is a one-of-a-kind unique work of art that graces the walls of restaurants, bars and residential homes.


Nicaraguan Painter, living and working in Greenport, NY since 2016

Verona Peñalba is a deeply intuitive painter who connects with the human spirit through portraiture and vibrant color. With a strong inclination to describe the uniqueness of a given subject while conversely welcoming all their parts, she injects raw emotional power by highlighting expression and often accentuating distinctive features. Peñalba is drawn especially to the ’sacred feminine' , inspired by the women in her life and their influence in the world, and they make up a majority of her portraits.  Peñalba is interested in natural connection and the flow of energy in all its forms, apparent in her work through a carefully considered high-key color palette of neons and jewel tones that could be compared to ‘“auras” and vibrate in her portraits and abstracts.  As a positive and optimistic person and artist, Verona strives to underline those aspects of the human condition to great effect. Color also takes a leading role in the form of her large abstract. These compositions pulse with an energy that describe currents, clouds or other natural phenomena; another acknowledgement of the role of elemental forces in her life and work. 


Born in queens growing up inspired by graffiti art murals, the styles and colors always implemented it in my drawings the nickname ceelo was given to me by my father when I was young he said your style is crazy that’s why every piece I have done that circle spiral 🌀 is somewhere on the design dedicating every art piece to my father who taught me how to draw growing up.